Discrimination towards trans people in everyday life persist in many shapes and forms – at work, school, restaurants, bars, when looking for accommodation, and especially when access news and entertainment. While entertainment and informational needs of LGBTI members are no less than any other social community, the number of official media channels specifically for this group, such as trans radio, remains limited in the UK

In the context that law, policy and public figures' behaviors on media channels have a great effect on trans people's lives, an entertainment channel where LGBT identities can update the latest news about their community, as well as be themselves, is much needed. Fortunately, there is such a channel in the UK – Trans Radio UK.

If you are wondering where to find a trans radio station in the UK, Trans Radio UK is your way to go. Read on to learn more about this unique radio station!

The First & Only Trans Radio Station in the UK

Trans Radio UK is the first and only radio station for the LGBT spectrum and their allies in the UK, and probably the world. They support the community’s rights from an administration level, with a majority of their presenters being trans or non-binary, not only located in the UK but all around the world. It is a community radio station, by the community and for the community. Their main objective is not to make money, but to raise awareness and provide an entertainment and educational platform for LGBTI community. 

Being the first and only trans radio station in the world, Trans Radio UK is enjoyed by trans people in nearly 100 countries. They are live 24/7 and feature a wide range of shows, music genres and topical interviews.

Who are the Listeners of Trans Radio UK?

Trans Radio UK is determined to be a platform where all members of the LGBT community can showcase their talents, whether as a presenter, DJ, or musician. They aim to connect every member within the LGBT community, and touch those who are not able to leave their home to make them feel included. Trans Radio UK also encourages listeners to promote their charitable community events freely on the platform. For those reasons, their listeners are very expansive, from all LGBT+ communities to Trans People/People with gender histories to Trans supporters, those include:

- Ace spectrum communities

- All LGBT+ communities

- Bisexual men

- Bisexual women

- Gay men

- Lesbians/Gay women

- Men

- People of faith

- Trans people/People with gender histories

- Women

What does Trans Radio UK broadcast?

With audiences from all over the world, Trans Radio UK services a wide range of topics, hosted by all trans and non-binary presenters. The broadcasts aim to inform, support, and motivate every member of the community, which include:

- Networks

- Campaigning/Activism

- Equal Opportunities/Discrimination

- Advice/Information

- Volunteering

- Gender

- Self-help/Support Group

- Counselling

- Social Group

How did Trans Radio UK start?

Trans Radio UK is a part of Consortium - an organisation with a wide range of platforms devoted to provide the right support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans plus identities and projects. Consortium was originally set up in 1998 to nurture the development of an LGB sector, which was then expanded in 2018 to include the ever-increasing diversity of LGBT+. 

They currently host the largest network of LGBT+ groups and projects in the UK, one of which is Trans Radio UK. Just like any other projects of this network, Trans Radio UK initiatives vary from healing to self-help groups to helplines. 

Where can you find Trans Radio UK?

Trans Radio UK is available in more than 120 countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at http://www.transradiouk.com. For other inquiries, you can reach out to them at:

- Phone: 020 7856 0584

- Email: info@transradiouk.com


In a world where LGBT+ members are experiencing various types of discrimination, a radio channel, such as Trans Radio UK, is much needed. Not only does it bring about a sense of belonging to its listeners, but also contribute to creating a society where trans people are considered a complete member of the society. If you are looking for a trans radio station in the UK (or in English), look no further. Check out Trans Radio UK at http://www.transradiouk.com. Whether you are looking for a source of information, advice, networking or a social group where you can feel included, Trans Radio UK will surely have something for you.